Indoor Grilling All Year

My husband and I love grilled foods, but in Ohio, you can only grill so long, and the weather takes a snowy turn. In comes the awesome invention of the Ninja Foodie Grill, and air fryer.

We kind of like food gadgets that make our lives easier, i.e. The Instant Pot, which we use every week, and now this lovely grill.

The first meal we made was delicious brined grilled chicken. It took fourteen minutes, flipping half way through. The chicken was grilled perfectly, juicy and tender. No smoke from the grill and the clean up was easy. The grates are non-stick and dishwasher safe.

Our second time using the grill, we made grilled maple glazed salmon steaks. The glaze consisted of 1/4 C sugar free maple syrup, 1/2 C brown sugar, 2Tbsp of teriyaki sauce, 1 tsp salt, and 1 Tbsp olive oil. Mix everything together and brush onto the salmon. We grilled the salmon for seven minutes, no flipping. It was perfectly grilled and glazed.

We haven’t yet tried the air fryer part of it, but we plan on using it tomorrow to make chicken wings.

Stay tuned to see how those turned out. BW-3’s won’t have anything on us…

Happy Cooking!

Mama Mia, Low carb pizza

Pizza Chaffles

Greetings from our Low Carb Living, Sinful Baking kitchen.

Today, I’m going to talk pizza. I mean, who doesn’t love pizza, with all it’s cheesy goodness?

Well, we found a way to make it, not only low carb, but it tastes pretty great, too.

Again, it starts with my searches through the Pinterest catacombs to find such low carb crusts for pizza. Some were made with cauliflower, others with eggs and parmesan cheese, but one caught my eye, because it truly looked like a regular pizza. The name of said pizza, is actually called a pizza chaffle, that name alone piqued my interest. “Chaffle”, who ever heard of such a name? My guess is, it was a cheesy waffle, but how? I’ll tell you how… the crust is made up of egg white, cream cheese, coconut or almond flour, baking powder, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, and shredded mozzarella. So far, so good, right? Well, once all these ingredients are combined, you pour the batter into your waffle maker and cook, just like a regular waffle, for 5 minutes. Once the 5 minutes are up, you remove your now crispy waffle crust, and put it on a baking sheet, where you’ll add your sauce, meats, cheeses, and any extra spices you prefer, then bake 5 minutes at 400° and turn the broiler on to bubble and brown the cheese for a minute, then your done. Bon appetite’, you ready to eat.

We made your traditional cheese pizza, for our first one, and it was pretty delicious. The crust was crisp, and savory. We also doubled the recipe, because we have the full size waffle maker. The recipe below, is for a 4 inch waffle maker.

Next time we make these chaffle pizzas, we thought we would try different sauces, i.e, alfredo sauce with grilled chicken, or a buffalo wing sauce with shredded chicken. There really is no end to what you can top these with.

By the way, these were nineteen year old college sophomore tested, and approved.

Happy Cooking Friends…

Yes, You Can Have Dessert…

Low Carb Chocolate Chip Cookies

Eating a primarily low carb diet, you may think eating dessert is over for you, but this is not the case.

We have tried many recipes for a lower in carb dessert, some good, some tolerable, and others went straight to the trash after the first bite.

After many different attempts, a few of the best ones I’ve made thus far are, a low carb chocolate chip cookie, a microwave mug cake and a snickerdoodle cookie. These three have had the best flavor and competely satisfy that sweet tooth craving.

As you may know, we had to swap out ingredients to get that low carb number. For instance, instead of regular bleached flour, we used almond flour (1 carb) or coconut flour (3 carbs), and in place of sugar, we used either Splenda, Truvia, or Swerve. All can be bought at grocery stores.

We have also tried cookies, brownies and dessert bars from a company online called Thin Slim Foods. They also have breads, bagels, muffins, cloud cakes, and if you truly miss pasta, they have that, too. Not your 44 carbs per serving pasta, but 8 carbs. FYI, the 36 carbs are coming from fiber. It is defintely a treat though, they did a good job at lowering the carb count, but there is a bit of a taste difference and texture is a little off, but you won’t notice it too much. As I was saying though, before the pasta distraction… they have a caramel cookie bar that we tried, and to quote my funny husband, after he took the first bite, “It has the essence of caramel.” Ha Ha, I thought that was pretty funny. It wasn’t horrible, it was pretty tolerable in my book.

I have attached the three recipes I mentioned, along with pictures of our version. You will find them under my recipes tab – Desserts.

I know nothing can take the place of a delicious butterscotch lava cake (which we made this weekend- Free days are awesome), but now you can make a cookie or mug cake, that can give your sweet tooth craving what it needs during those six days out of the week you’re being good.

As always… Happy Cooking!

*Most recipes can be found on

Delicious Instant Pot Dinner

Farmhouse beans and sausage in the Instant pot, is a quick, low carb dinner, made in 5 minutes. This meal is perfect for after a long day at work.

All it takes is:

2- 12 oz. Bags of frozen Green beans

1- 16 oz. Kielbasa or Sausage sliced

1/2 of one onion diced

1 Can of Chicken Broth

Salt and pepper to taste

Put all ingredients into the Instant Pot, seal the lid and cook on Manual for 5 minutes. Once finished, do a quick release and serve.

Pinterest is your friend

Since starting on this journey to low carb eating, we have found many of our favorite Breakfasts, Dinners, Desserts and Side dishes on The Pinterest App. Not only is it an easy to use app, but they have a plethora of options. Low carb living, like I have said before, isn’t as hard as you think.

Pinterest is loaded with low carb, low sugar, vegetarian, gluten free and your full blown, full flavor and full calorie recipes, among other things, but that’s for my obsessive decorating page… and no I don’t have one of those, but I should. 😉

We have a made a wide variety of recipes, some amazingly delicious, others, not worth the second bite, but I digress… that is how you find what works for you and what doens’t.

My husband and I are diehard “The Pioneer Woman”, and “Trisha’s Southern Cooking” fans. We watch it every time they are on, or we’ll DVR them. We have made some of their recipes and tweaked them to fit our low carb needs. For example, we love salmon and Trisha had a recipe of Maple-glazed salmon, that called for maple syrup and brown sugar, so instead we used the sugar free syrup and substituted Splenda Brown sugar, for the regular brown sugar. Those two small changes did not hinder the taste of the Maple-glazed salmon at all, it was wonderful, and we have made it many times since. Another little tweak we made for that meal was, instead of putting the salmon over white or brown rice, we put it over riced cauliflower and saved 40+ carbs in that meal.

Not gonna lie, we have used more than a few sinfully, obscenely delicious recipes from Pinterest as well, but we limit that to once a week…. Hey, we need to indulge every now and then, too. Makes the rest of the week worth it. See, you can have your cake and eat it, too. 🙂 Or in our case, your creamy cheesy ziti in the Instant Pot. It is Divine!!

Next time I will touch more on low carb desserts. Yes, they are out there.

Until next time, I have posted some of our most favorite dishes, to my recipe page. It will include the recipe and our picture of the dish. Try them and let me know what you think.

Happy Cooking….

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We make low carb look easy…and delicious.

I’m not saying low carb living is easy, but it isn’t as bad as you might think. My husband and I make new recipes every week, for dinner. We cook six out of seven days, that way we know what is in the food we eat. The last couple weeks we have made some new cauliflower dishes, put cod to the test in our Instant pot, and tried a keto beef casserole, that was divinely cheesy. My goal with this site, is to give everyone reading it, options; not your boring typical low carb meals.

I’m talking chicken al Forno, cheesy cauliflower alla vodka, Keto beef casserole, and cheesy alfredo cauliflower. All of these are easy and delicious… and quick.

I’ll be setting up a a page here that will be dedicated to recipes for everything we’ve made.

Chicken Al Forno
Cheesy cauliflower alla vodka
Keto beef casserole
Cheesy alfredo cauliflower

Make the Low Carb Diet Stick

As I have said before, we do our weekly shopping on Friday, and I make our menu out on our kitchen chalkboard. It makes things so much easier and you know what the next day holds for dinners. My son was always asking me “What’s for dinner?” Now he just looks at the board. Yes, even our 19 year old son, that is now a sophomore at OSU, eats our low carb dinners, if he’s home. He is a true pasta and bread lover, and we’re slowly incorporating better things in to his diet, as well.

Example of a Menu board

Low carb living 101

Low carb diets are all the hype these days. It could be keto, or your own version of living and eating low carb. This site will take you through our journey through cooking, eating and living the low carb life.

My husband and I both have high blood pressure and his cholesterol is elevated, but both are managed by medication. We decided that we needed to do something about it, before it was too late. We’ve been eating low carb for a little while now, and there has been a significant difference in our energy levels and in our weight.

We do not do the keto diet, as it has been reported to have some adverse effects. Our version of living low carb is something you can make into a permanent lifestyle. Throughout the week we are pretty strict on how many carbs we take in, but Saturday, we give ourselves the obligatory cheat day, as in no counting carbs, calories or protein intake. Grant it, it was very hard the first week, but you get through it and when Saturday comes, we get to eat whatever we want. Not to the point where we go overboard, but we’ll have bread, pasta, ice cream, or cookies, however, by the end of the day, we feel sluggish, an actually look forward to our Sunday restart of the low carb week.

To make it easier, we make a grocery list every Friday, after we’ve looked through our pinterest recipes. We buy our groceries for the week, and post on our kitchen chalkboard, the weeks menu. Our Instant Pot is one of our favorite cooking tools. We’ve done everything from whole chickens, chicken breasts, salmon, pork chops, hard boiled eggs, egg bites, ribs, southern green beans and pasta in it. I recently made my husband a cheesecake in the Instant Pot, and it was amazing. It is truly versatile and quick.

So, in closing, this new blog site will feature recipes, cooking tools, pictures of what our actual meals look like and hopefully some entertaining, yet comical quips of how are life is changing, through this journey.

Till next time… Happy Low Carb Living!

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